Green Energy

Premium Lifestyle

Smart Industrial City

Total Development

We pursue a sustainable future by

promoting renewable energy.

We develop a luxury lifestyle platform that

maximizes customer experience and value.

We develop a smart industrial city that creates

future values.

We develop and operate new solutions by

converging green energy, premium real estate

and smart industrial complex with finance.

About Insight

Insight is the abbreviation of keywords representing
the identity and direction of the three different divisions.

Total Development Company

Total Development Company

It is a Total Development Company where three business units of renewable energy, premium lifestyle
and city development are converged with finance for planning, development and operation to create
new values.

Hanwha Solutions
Insight Division
discovers and creates new values
for the future with the insight
that reads the trend of our times.

Hanwha Solutions Insight Division pursues Innovation and New Value and establishes a sustainable and integrated value chain

Energy Solution Business Unit for green energy, Premium Lifestyle Business Unit for Home & Hospitality area and City Development Business Unit that transforms the function and value of an area present the new standards for complex development projects.

Energy Solution

We create a sustainable future with clean energy
obtained from the nature.

  • Hapcheon Floating PV

    Project classification: EPC

    Location: Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

    Construction period: 2020~2022

    Scale: 42MW

  • Goheung Floating PV

    Project classification: EPC

    Location: Goheung, Jeollanam-do

    Construction period: 2021~2023

    Scale: 63MW

  • Saemangeum Floating PV

    Project classification: EPC

    Location: Area near Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do

    Construction period: TBD

    Scale: 314MW

  • Cheongsong Floating PV

    Project classification: EPC

    Location: Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

    Construction period: 2021

    Scale: 10MW

Renewable energy development project
Renewable energy EPC/O&M project


Premium Lifestyle

We create a luxury lifestyle platform by developing premium residential facilities
and contents with exceptional amenities and programs.


    Property type: Villa

    Location: Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

    Scheduled completion date:
    to be completed in 2025


    Property type: Golf Courses

    Location: Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

    Course: Western course: 3,490m / Par 36 / 9H
    Eastern course: 3,537m / Par 36 / 9H


    Property type: Condominium

    Location: Hokkaido, Japan

    Scheduled completion date:
    Open in December 2023


    Property type: Mixed used Complex (Residence/hotel/retail)

    Location: Bongrae-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

    Scheduled completion date:
    to be completed in 2028

Real estate development Lifestyle curation
Complex development consulting


City Development

We pursue a sustainable new value by developing essential facilities
in the 4th industrial revolution era.

  • Daedeok Techno Valley

    Location: Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

    Project period: 2001 ~ 2009

    No. of companies: About 2020

    Development area: 4,270,056 m2

  • Gimhae Techno Valley

    Location: Jinrye-myeon, Gimhae-si

    Project period: 2011 ~ 2017

    No. of companies: About 210

    Development area: 1,644,111 m2

  • Asan Techno Valley

    Location: Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si

    Project period: 2004~2013

    No. of companies: About 110

    Development area: 2,983,902 m2

  • Seosan Techno Valley

    Location: Seongyeon-myeon, Seosan-si

    Project period: 2007 ~ 2016

    No. of companies: About 60

    Development area: 1,985,848 m2

New city development and housing
IDC and logistics center development
Land development


Meet the Hanwha

We will go beyond the limits of our capabilities based on the values pursued by Hanwha


We recruit people with the spirit of challenge,
dedication and integrity.

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We run various systems to keepHanwha people
moving forward with passion.

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